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What is a Pure Pad?

A PurePad is a safe space. The top layer of the PurePad contains silver-ion technology which actively reduces the growth of harmful bacteria and coronaviruses.

This top layer film has been tested and certified according to the ISO 22196 norm and has most recently been shown to be effective in combating against coronaviruses by being tested and certified according to the ISO 21702 norm.

Why do you need a PurePad™?

Our lifestyle has changed drastically and we need to reevaluate the surfaces around us. Our personal space should be guarded and actively protect us. A PurePad creates a safe space for your touch (skin) as well as your items closest to you – your pens, laptop, wallet etc.

Where do you use a PurePad™?

In short, you will use a PurePad wherever you want to feel safe. This can be your desk at school or university, your reception counter at the office or even your serving area at home. We cater to your specific needs and across a range of industries. View the PurePad best suited to you.

How do you care for a PurePad™?

We understand that you want your PurePad to continue providing you with protection. That’s why we’ve come up with simple caring instructions for your PurePad at home, the office or even on-the-go.

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